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Terms of Use

1. Introduction

The use of our Portal implies acceptance and adhesion to all our Conditions of Use and to our Privacy Policy. We recommend you read them carefully.

Our Services are very diverse, so that sometimes conditions or requirements of additional products (including age restrictions) may apply. The additional conditions will be available together with the relevant Services and will be part of the agreement you establish with Classynext when using our services.


2. Classynext Service Definition

The user agrees to use the Portal, its contents and services in accordance with:

To place ads on the Portal, the advertiser must complete the "Publish Ad" form. Once your ad is inserted, the advertiser will receive a notification confirming the publication of your ad. From that moment the data provided by the advertiser will be registered, and will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The user receives an access password by email. With the email provided by the advertiser in the insertion of the ad and the password, the advertiser can access the "Modify my Ads" area to modify, renew or delete their ads and check the messages that have arrived in response to the ad in the form of email.


The ad will remain published on the Portal for the period chosen by the advertiser, if it has not been removed before the end of the period by the advertiser or by Classynext. To re-publish the deleted ad, or any other, the advertiser must contract a new ad.


3. Use of the portal and its services

The Classynext Service consists of the insertion, by the advertiser, of advertisements in the Portal. Classynext reserves the right to disseminate the Advertiser's Ads in third-party portals, in whole or in part, as well as in other websites, such as social networks or blogs, with the Advertiser accepting said condition.


The Law or any other norms of the applicable legal system


  • These Terms of Use
  • The Publication Rules
  • Good manners
  • Public order


Likewise, the User expressly undertakes not to destroy, alter, disable or, in any other way, damage the data, programs or electronic documents and others found in the Portal of www.classynext.com


The User undertakes not to impede the access of other users to the access service by mass consumption of the computer resources through which Classynext provides the service, as well as to perform actions that damage, interrupt or generate errors in said systems.


The User undertakes not to transmit, introduce, disseminate and make available to third parties any type of material and information (programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls, data, contents, drawings, sound and image files, etc.) that are contrary to law, public order or that cause or are likely to cause any kind of alteration in the Classynext or third-party computer systems.


The User must advertise in the appropriate category and location in which the product, car, property, employment, service or animal is located and commit to:


  • Do not incite to act illegally.
  • Not to disseminate defamations, slander, insults and / or content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic nature, of apology of terrorism or that threaten human rights.
  • Do not manifest falsehoods or mislead.
  • Do not impersonate other users using their access codes to the different services and / or contents of the Portal.
  • Do not use dummy emails to post ads.
  • Do not abuse the "report" system to an ad to remove ads without just cause.
  • Do not disseminate unsolicited or authorized communications.
  • Not to spread messages that threaten the dignity of third parties or that are rude or disrespectful
  • Do not use robots, spiders, "scrapers" or any other automatic means to access the Portal to copy, remove, renew or publish content without prior written consent by Classynext
  • Do not use any multiposting tool that has not been expressly authorized by Classynext. In case of breach of this rule by the user, the portal may terminate the service without prior notice without reimbursing the services contracted and not enjoyed
  • Do not store or in any way collect personal information or data from third parties without your consent, including email addresses.
  • Do not dodge, avoid or "jump" the measures used to prevent or restrict access to the Portal.


By contacting an advertiser through an advertisement on the page using the "Send message" form, the interested party accepts that an email be sent to the email provided as a reminder of said contact.


4. Intellectual and industrial property

The Portal hosts both its own content and content created by users. The Portal is protected by intellectual property laws and international treaties on the subject. The content displayed on or through the website is protected as a collective work and / or compilation, in accordance with intellectual property laws and international treaties on the subject.


Unless authorized by Classynext or unless it is legally permitted, the user may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, rent or exploit in any other way contents of the Portal (exception made of the user's own content). Likewise, the user cannot carry out disassembly or decompilation operations, reverse engineering or any other operation destined to obtain any source code contained in this Portal.


By uploading photographs to the Portal, the user freely transfers to Classynext the rights to exploit intellectual property over them, so Classynext may reproduce them, transform them (including, without limitation, the inclusion of watermarks or other mechanisms that prevent exploitation non-consent by third parties), distribute them and communicate them to the public (including making them available to the public) through any mode of exploitation and using any format or support or means of exploitation or communication. Such transfer of rights is not subject to any limitation of temporal or territorial character, that is, it is done for everyone and for all time of legal validity of the same. Classynext may exercise the rights to exploit the photographs in the manner it deems most convenient, and may even transmit or transfer them exclusively or not to third parties in the terms and conditions it deems appropriate.


The user guarantees that he is the full owner of the rights that are assigned to Classynext under this clause, and that the use and exploitation of them by Classynext will not imply any violation of intellectual property rights, nor of image, nor, in general , of any other class, corresponding to any third party, forcing itself to indemnify and keep Classynext harmless in case of infringement.


5. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

5.1. Availability and continuity of the portal and services

Classynext does not guarantee the availability, access and / or continuity of the operation of the Portal and its Services. Likewise, Classynext will not be liable, within the limits established by the Law, for the damages caused to the User as a result of unavailability, access failures and lack of continuity of the Portal and its Services.


5.2. Classynext content and services

Classynext will respond solely and exclusively to the Services provided by itself and the content directly originated by Classynext and identified with its copyright. Said responsibility will be excluded in cases where force majeure cases occur or in cases where the configuration of the User's equipment is not adequate to allow the correct use of Internet services provided by Classynext.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Classynext's possible liability to the user or to third parties is limited to the highest of the following amounts: (a) the total price that the user has paid to Classynext during the twelve months prior to the act that originated the responsibility, or (b) the amount of one hundred (100) euros.


The Portal is not responsible for the possible appearance of ads indexed in search engines outside the portal, once they have unsubscribed from our databases.


5.3. Third-party content and services

Classynext does not previously review or control, approve or endorse the contents, products, services, opinions, communications, data, files and any kind of third party information collected in the Portal. Likewise, it does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the contents, information and services of third parties on the Portal. Classynext does not guarantee in any way that users of the Portal use the contents and / or services of the same in accordance with the law, applicable regulations, public order and these Terms of Use.


Classynext does not control beforehand and does not guarantee the absence of viruses and other elements in the contents and services provided by third parties through the Portal that may introduce alterations in the access equipment, documents or files stored in them.


Classynext is not responsible for the contents dumped or the acts committed by other users. Nor is it responsible for any damage or loss as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the content and services provided by third parties. Classynext will also not be liable for damages of any nature arising from the negligent or malicious use of the email accounts used to insert an advertisement or respond to an advertisement.


In any case, Classynext will not be liable, either indirectly or subsidiary, for the economic loss or reputation, or for any kind of special, indirect or emerging damages, resulting from the use of the website by the user.


The exemption from liability indicated in the preceding paragraph shall apply in the event Classynext has no effective knowledge that the activity or information stored is unlawful or that it injures property or rights of a third party liable to compensation, or if they had it act diligently to remove data and content or make access to them impossible.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Classynext's possible liability to the user or to third parties is limited to the highest of the following amounts: (a) the total price that the user has paid to Classynext during the twelve months prior to the act that originated the responsibility, or (b) the amount of one hundred (100) euros.



6. Procurement of services related to the ad

The contracting of the "automatic renewal" service linked to an advertisement published on the Portal will only take effect DURING the period of validity of the announcement, not in any case assuming an extension in its validity due to the end of its publication, nor for active elimination of the ad.


7. Contracting with third parties through the portal

The User acknowledges and accepts that any contractual or extra-contractual relationship that formalizes with the advertisers or third parties contacted through the Portal, as well as their participation in competitions, promotions, sale of goods or services, are understood to be made solely and exclusively between the User and the advertiser and / or third person. The User therefore accepts that Classynext does not have any responsibility for damages or losses of any nature caused by their negotiations, conversations and / or contractual or extra-contractual relations with advertisers or third-party natural or legal persons contacted through Portal.


8. Text links and graphical links

The Portal makes available to its customers technical devices for text linking and / or graphic links that allow users to access websites owned by other entities. These links are duly indicated as advertising on the Portal.


The client authorized previously acknowledge and agree that the use of the contents of web pages linked shall be at your sole risk and responsibility and exonerate Classynext any liability for the technical availability of linked web pages, quality, reliability, accuracy and / or veracity of the services, information, elements and / or contents that the user can access the same.


Classynext will not be indirectly or subsidiarily liable for damages of any kind derived from a) the operation, unavailability, inaccessibility and absence of continuity of the linked web pages; b) the lack of maintenance and updating of the contents and services contained in the linked web pages; c) the lack of quality, inaccuracy, illegality, uselessness of the contents and services of the linked web pages.


9. Right to limit or terminate the Classynext service

Classynext reserves the right, exercisable at any time and in a discretionary manner to reject any advertisement or commitment to place an advertisement in a particular category or location. Classynext also reserves the right to remove any advertisement from the Portal without prior notice to users and / or advertisers.


Classynext may deny or terminate its service and adopt technical and legal measures to keep users away from the Portal if we believe they are creating problems or acting contrary to the spirit or form of our rules and conditions of use, all with independence of any payment made for the use of the Portal or complementary services. However, whether or not we decide to withdraw access to a user's website, we accept no responsibility for the unauthorized or illegal use of the website by users, as described in the preceding paragraphs ...


10. Compensation for abusive use

Classynext reserves the right, exercisable at any time to collect compensation of one euro or its equivalent in credits for each advertisement that is forced to remove from the portal as a result of contravening these Terms of Use or Publication Rules. Classynext may also collect such compensation, compensating with credits acquired by the offender. Both the final advertiser and third parties or companies that facilitate with their help the abusive use of the services, may be required for the payment of this compensation.


11. Various

11.1. Modifications in the service and terms of use

Classynext reserves the right to make changes to the Portal, being able to modify, delete and include, unilaterally and without prior notice, new contents as well as the way in which they are presented and located.


Also, Classynext reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Use at any time. The user will be subject to the new Conditions of Use that have been published at the time they access or use the services of the Portal.


If any of these conditions is invalidated, void or unenforceable for any reason, said condition will be excluded and will not affect the validity or applicability of the other conditions.


11.2. Prices of services

The prices of the services will be established in the corresponding pages of the Portal for each service and will be valid for as long as they remain accessible to the User.


11.3. Minors


In general, to make use of the Portal Services, minors must have previously obtained the authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be responsible for all acts performed through the Portal by the minors in their care. In those Services in which it is expressly indicated, access will be restricted only and exclusively to persons over 18 years of age.


12. Duration and termination

The provision of the services and / or contents of the Portal has an indefinite duration.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, and in addition to the legally established causes, Classynext is empowered to terminate, suspend or interrupt unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, the provision of the service and the Portal and / or any of the services.


13. Jurisdiction

The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that conform these Terms of Use, as well as any question related to the services of the Portal, will be the Spanish law.


For the resolution of any dispute that may arise on the occasion of the use of the Portal and its services, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain), and their hierarchical superiors, with express resignation to others if they had it and were different from those reviewed.




Publication Rules

As a basic rule, and as specified in the Classynext Terms of Use, advertisements must respect the laws and any other rules of the applicable legal system, good manners and public order.


Advertisers have to respect the General Rules of Publication as well as the Specific Standards of the Category in which a particular advertisement is published.


It is important to keep in mind that the rules are updated frequently and therefore change over time. Classynext reserves the right to decide when an ad is against the rules and spirit of the Portal and, therefore, when it is necessary to remove it from the site. Any advertisement or user that does not agree with the Terms of Use or the Rules of Publication will be removed and blocked from the page.


As a general rule is as unacceptable any use of Classynext damaging or disturbing the other users who use the portal.


1. General rules of publication

  • It is necessary to complete all the mandatory fields of the PUBLISH AD form.
  • The categories and sections must be respected (demand vs. offer).
  • It is not allowed to publish an identical or similar ad to another one already published.
  • You are not allowed to use dummy emails to post an ad.
  • It is not allowed to write the ad in capital letters.
  • It is not allowed to publish ad serving services.
  • It is not allowed to advertise something generic.
  • It is not allowed to use keywords not related to the ad ("Keyword Spamming").
  • It is not allowed to use systems or tools for the publication or massive and / or automatic renewal of advertisements, without the prior written consent of Classynext.
  • It is not allowed to copy, process or distribute the text and / or photos or images of third parties without your prior authorization.
  • It is not allowed to include the telephone number or email outside the fields explicitly provided to include this information or URL in the field name of the PUBLISH AD form.
  • It is not allowed to publish ads with erotic, sexual or pornographic content outside the Contacts & Escorts section.
  • An ad can only be renewed for free once every 24h (00:01 at 23:59).
  • The publication of special pricing numbers (905, 806, etc.) in any category outside the Horoscope & Tarot section is not allowed.
  • In ads valid for all of Spain, you must indicate the location in which the product, animal, property, employment etc.
  • A barter must be announced in the category of the article or service available to the advertiser.
  • It is not allowed to advertise clairvoyance services outside the Horoscope & Tarot category.
  • It is not allowed to put a fictitious price to improve search positions.
  • It is not allowed to publish ads that promote businesses that somehow may be competitors of Classynext.



2. Specific rules of the category

2.1. Job

  • It is not allowed to publish ads related to sex, eroticism or fetishism as well as massages, company or friendship in this section.
  • It is not allowed to announce pyramid schemes or similar.
  • You should not announce self-employment offers (freelancers, commercial contracts ...) or similar in this section. These types of offers must be offered in the "Business" section. In employment only job offers or demands with an employment contract are allowed.
  • It is not allowed to offer services in this section. In job OFFERS, ads are published in which the advertiser wants to hire someone. Advertisements of advertisers who are looking for a job are published in job DEMANDS (not a hiring of a service since this must be published in the Business category).


2.2. Real estate

  • Only one property can be advertised per ad.
  • The property must be advertised in the locality in which it is located.
  • You can not look for companions or companions for relax floors, massage floor etc.
  • Special obligations for advertisers to rent holiday homes. The owner or manager of the holiday home:

a) Manifest to have a legitimate title to dispose of the property or, where appropriate, authorization thereof and with all the licenses and administrative authorizations that may be necessary for the lawful development of the activity.

b) You must publish certain and accurate information about the characteristics of the accommodation offered on the portal and you agree to keep it updated.

c) He will be responsible for the information published or omitted, as well as the contents published by him.

  • Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, which approves the basic procedure for the certification of energy efficiency of buildings establishes the obligation to make available to buyers or users of buildings a certificate of energy efficiency which should include objective information on the energy efficiency of a building and reference values such as minimum energy efficiency requirements so that the owners or lessees of the building or a unit of the building can compare and evaluate their energy efficiency. Therefore, and whenever appropriate due to the type of property advertised, it is the advertiser's responsibility to include in the ad the energy efficiency certificate.


2.3. Cars and vehicles

  • It is not allowed to post photos of a vehicle other than the vehicle for sale.
  • It will be understood that a seller is professional as long as he identifies as such or has more than three active car ads at the same time.


2.4. Pets

The possession, acquisition, sale and / or capture of many species of animals is subject to laws or regulations of the specific legal system.By way of example, and in no case limiting or excluding, we want to call attention to the following rules that the advertiser must comply with:


  • Royal Decree 439/1990, of March 30, which regulates the National Catalog of Endangered Species
  • Royal Decree 1628/2011, of November 14, regulating the list and Spanish catalog of Invasive Exotic Species
  • Law 8/2003, of October 28, on Flora and Wildlife
  • Legislative Decree 2/2008, of April 15, approving the revised text of the Animal Protection Law
  • Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22, which develops Law 50/1999, of December 23, on the legal regime for the possession of potentially dangerous animals.


It should also be taken into account that there may be specific laws and regulations at the level of the autonomous communities that must be complied with, such as the order of November 28, 1988, of the creation of the Registry of Zoological Nuclei of Catalonia (DOGC 1087 of 30 / 12/1988) or Decree 158/1996, of August 13, of the Consell, in which the Registry of Zoological Nuclei of the Valencian Community was created as an instrument for the declaration as a zoological nucleus of the establishments considered as such.


In this sense, in some Autonomous Communities, as in the case of Catalonia or the Valencian Community, to sell or make donations of animals through claim magazines or similar publications, the zoological nucleus registration number must be included.


2.5. Massages

  • The publication of texts that may suggest sexual or erotic services is not allowed.


Accounts that post ads that violate these rules may be permanently blocked. In this sense, action could be taken based on point 10 of the general terms of use.


Any questions about the general terms of use, please contact our team in the following contact form by clicking here